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and we will see you, well, about 9:00. ♪ lou: today is historically important for president obama. his administration today appeared to accept responsibility for a mistake. white house press secretary jay carney today admitted obamacare will cause some americans to lose their current health care insurance. much more to come. i am lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the obama administration finally admitting that the president was wrong to claim that americans could keep their health care insurance if they so as to define obamacare. there admission comes as the white house is faced with evidence that hundreds of
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thousands of americans, perhaps millions will be receiving cancellation notices for their current insurance for not meeting obamacare requirements. first it was the president's former top adviser david axelrod to admitted not everyone will be able to keep their current insurance because of obamacare. then the president's spokesman, jay carney, acknowledged what he refused to admit for years. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry asked the question that produced the carney admission. that is at the white house tonight with our report. >> after years of president obama palin if you already have health insurance you did your plan no matter what. spokesman jay carney ignores that promises not being kept. >> the dummy the matter of standards.
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>> the admission came just hours after the president's longtime adviser david axelrod acknowledge some ms nbc. >> the majority of people especially are keeping their plans. the president said this when he was selling them. >> if you like your health care plan he will be able to keep your health care plan. no one will take it away. no matter what. >> republican senator ron johnson is now pushing legislation to grandfather as many consumers as possible into their current plans. after reports of hundreds of thousands of people getting cancellation notices. among the 14 million people who buy their own coverage because they do have employer based insurance. he made a new plan there will end up paying less.
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>> that is not true. >> i appreciate what you're trying to do. eighty plus percent of the american people already get insurance through their employer, medicare, medicaid. >> the medicaid rolls a swelling far beyond. the state of maryland revealed late friday 31 under tousles assigned for insurance to their exchange. >> is up the wagon up to be both really necessary. >> qualified health plans. >> on the hot seat over all of this.
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>> tonight to have a number of friendly tips to help you deal with those segments of problems. for example, have you tried restarting your computer? [laughter] >> serial secretary will be testifying on capitol hill wednesday. the president is planning what might be a little bit of a distraction. going to boston at stake. the rollout of that romney's health care plan in massachusetts. lou: think you very much. millions will not be able to keep it on obamacare despite the president's repeated promises. that consumers should expect to receive a cancellation notice of the next year. is beginning to look as though
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the zero called the massive malfunction of the obamacare website health care task of just the tip of the iceberg may in fact be correct. it appears that that secretary she called the data center that that went down the model of the vicious see insecurity. administration officials say the health care death of sight fixes the so-called let's grow has gone missing. and been replaced with icons and
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instructions. the media have been inquiring about. it is not known why -- weather face was removed. does look much more like a government site with all of those icons. the politics of the obamacare disaster the content to five contenders and of course president clinton to drive their respective messages. but d.c. political correspondent has a report. >> i need your vote on november november 5th. >> grants time in virginia's race for governor. republican gingrich and elias' trying to make referendum on obamacare. kentucky senator rand paul.
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key party republicans positioning for 2016 presidential run. >> the first attorney general to sue when over zero obamacare. [applause] >> counting on paul who is popular with libertarians tech cocker is boiler campaign by a former republican running as libertarian with about timbers of the recent polls that might otherwise favorite originally. democrats terry mccullough had a campaign stop. the front runner in every poll today. now it is her husband's turn. >> bill clinton. >> democrats worry low turnout could lead enterprise tea party is determined to lead obama decide the ways. >> show up and vote. >> the clintons know about health care debacle's. she blasted gop for try to block obamacare bid seemed to embrace a referendum on it well beyond
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virginia. >> of people will be able to judge whether they like it or not in the midterm election. >> far from giving up, the gop is gearing up. texas' senator ted crews spent the weekend hunting game and those in iowa over the first presidential caucuses. >> an administration that seems bent on violating every constitutional protection that we have in the bill of rights. >> also featured republicans vying the white house and slamming obamacare symptomatic of a liberal in tmz. both sides are playing referendum politics across the country right now in buying of u.s. presidential campaigns for the next three years. virginia votes in seven days. lou: thank you. more on the race for the governorship in virginia. he will be talking with republican candidates virginia attorney general can digitally here ledger on the broadcast. we're coming right back. on wall street, stocks finishing flat ahead of the 2-day federal reserve meeting. the dow lost one point, began to
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closing in a new record high. the nasdaq down three. apple's shares down in after-hours trading following a decline in fourth quarter earnings. we are coming right back. ♪ >> the first eyewitness tells a story about what actually happens in the deadly september 11 terrorist attacks in benghazi. national security analyst, ambassador john bolton on benghazi and the obama's stone wall next. ♪ this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card
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as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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lou: a new report in the "wall street journal" says president obama did not know the nsa spied on war leaders until this past summer. the message officials telling the wall street journal the program was stopped after the president's side had been
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uncovered during a white house review. spain is the latest in a number of allies including germany, france, brazil, mexico to protest against the yen as a surveillance the mayor report in the spanish newspaper says it recently tracked some $60 million in spain over one month. the state department today stated again that the suspects linked to the benghazi terrorist attack have not been placed on the state department's so-called rewards for justice program which follows another scathing report that by is the white house for what was a planned, sophisticated and a premeditated attack on a barely protected american compound. sixty minutes reported claims from a former british soldier who was advising the u.s. and security at the time when that libyan guards or up to the task. also, whistleblower former deputy chief of mission is directly reporting to ambassador
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chris stevens by greg hicks detailed how he was not allowed to make up their request for additional security after two previous requests had been denied. johnny is now, former pentagon official, fox the national security analyst katie mcfarlane, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, fox is contributor john bolton. thank you both for being here. the 60 minutes reports, the sergeant who was the focus of the reports added an eyewitness you but really said nothing that at least i had not read. i did not see what was due. >> i did not either. he had been on it from the beginning. they made at the thing about the youtube video. i think it is because they are blind. they have decided once they got in lawton out that it was finished, on the ropes. so there were blind to any resurgence here, and it was a willful one. as a result they refuse to acknowledge what they needed to
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do. they did not do it, and after the fact americans were killed they still have refused to own up to it, and the media has let them get away with. lou: 13 months later mms recommend it is pretty clear that we're not calling to see average. it is to the american people did not know how to express the in racist, if, in the committee felt it and it is clear the house of representatives and the house oversight committee pressed ahead, but without effect. at this point by the 88% from of those responding in a recent poll said that they did not have any influence over their government, are they, in fact, correct? >> i think the american people have raised about benghazi if. what they are not saying his political leaders in congress to have taken this issue up. the president obviously delighted and ideologically or engage in a cover-up, one of the two or maybe both is not going to do it. lou: fits the blindness.
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>> deliberately. look, i think he is so little interest to the national security that when you see these reports that he did not know when nsa and the capability to monitor calls by our allies and said, did not know about it until this summer, believe it because of the the basic tension if. lou: does not pay attention. so sort of interesting time in history. i never heard anyone say he is a fool because he went to, you know, the nuclear school at the u.s. navy and something happened. this criticism of president obama comes with an explanation as to why he is not doing the job as he shared, rationalizations of built into the creek. i have never seen the likes of it. >> and jonathan -- lou: why in the world can we find out? >> either way it is a disaster. either he has lied about it
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as scrap our relations with allies or you did not know and it why? is either nsa and government gone wild or no one in the white house bothered to tel him. he does not care. he is on to something else. >> he did not read the intelligence brief. that got into the press guy and even his staff realized that is foolish. lou: you are assuming that he was mortal and some are not telepathically. >> i don't think he pays attention. >> the passivity of it, the fact that whether it is about obamacare, an essay, benghazi, did not know anything about it. and that is the real problem. lou: former vice president cheney said, our enemies no longer fear us, our allies dollars just the spirit that seems to be the most succinct summation of the obama farm policy to this point. >> i think it has now that the worst today with the news recently announced by democratic senator dianne feinstein, but
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the president ordered that spying on top-level officials of allied governments, all of the things -- lou: how preposterous that is. >> the most irresponsible than i can think of. he has done a lot of policy decisions that i fundamentally disagree with him. that established an appearance simple he. lou: what is not is the response which was from the white house. they have no comment. >> he does not control anything in washington beyond the confines of his desk in the oval office. he is clearly not. >> in the grit which voted him into some much trouble. lou: they do very much. good to have you with us. to the weekend box office, astronauts no match for raunchy, adolescent humor. timeout jackass' presents data grandpa. abbey like that for a title? the top spot among 32 million,
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coming in close, putting a three-time champion gravity earning $203 million from warner brothers. up next, he was endorsed by tea party favorite senator rand paul , bolide be enough to overcome the political money machine? virginia's attorney general and gubernatorial candidates kim could donnelley joins me here next. rearguard back. ♪ has a raise your rate cd that wothat's correct.a rate. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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♪ lou: so we can tell the virginia gubernatorial election. president bill clinton on the campaign trail for democratic candidate terry mccall. my next guest, joined by senator rand paul, joining us is the republican candidate, virginia attorney general and republican gubernatorial candidate. great to have you with this. ami, it is a lot of firepower. this ought to be as simple deal. what is going on? >> a la is going on with eight days to go. we travel the state with the senator from one spur to virginia beach to fairfax county. recover the three corners of the
7:23 pm
state, or less. and we reach hundreds of people at rallies and really turned them back out onto the streets, naturally, to contact other voters answer really fire of our volunteers so that we can be reaching people 1-on-1. these are low turnout race is him and it is critically important that people be talking to voters on that time in person to turn them out. lou: are you connecting with working men and women in that states? and i see republican after republican talking about cutting taxes, talking about growing the economy, but not reaching to of the folks of middle-class, marking -- working men and women. it is like the republican party has written another class exists >> i certainly agree in terms of making that contact with working families. the biggest jealous families face a virginia is economic opporunity, jobs. there are enormous loss of
7:24 pm
virginia verbal of leisurely judge of the members because there have been unemployed so long three they're focused on that. a big difference. i can explain my plan to grow jobs and cut taxes. he is proposing more government spending. $1,700 more per family. other than zero in this month on obamacare. there is a stark difference also. once again come his approach is bigger government and-smaller government. was the first of five obamacare. lou: you were the first one to sue on obamacare. >> right. lou: at the same time, is that an issue for virginia voters? we look at these numbers. we're talking about, you know, roughly 10 percent of the folks that are going to the polls, federal workers or their families. >> but they are seeing this fail. they're seeing in available for
7:25 pm
their very eyes on every network. it is not just on fox. it is on cnn, the three abc, nbc, cbs and of running this. and this is proving that those of us on my side of the argument have been right, and it is a state issue because the single bed it -- biggest budget decision the next governor of virginia will make is whether or not to expand medicaid under obamacare. my opponent is all for it. bigger government guy. i oppose it. lou: the best record low questions. >> it's in the opportunity. lou: that is great that the commonwealth of virginia banks as possible. the "washington post" comes out the story. praying of a terminally ill. he was a passive investor who was deceived. yet agreed to add money for our company, the governor of virginia returned that money. you did not. allows a countersuit.
7:26 pm
hello all of that ship out? >> see invested in terminally ill people dying and then lied about it immediately, within hours. he did in the next eight. the "washington post" wrote about it on sunday, and this is someone that keeps coming up with the same habit he has taken to every challenge to question people have had for him. he just talks. he lies in dikes. lou: are you ducking when i ask you why you did not return that money? >> no, no. we did. and i also released a years of my tax returns. my opponent refuses to do that even a league of london romney to do that last year. been very open with the voters of virginia. but he has absolutely refused and is obviously hiding how he makes his millions. if he releases tax returns we would know what the investments in terminally ill people dying much earlier. lou: i don't mean to laugh at this. so absurd. place it is. i agree.
7:27 pm
lou: rand paul, powerful, powerful political personality. he appeals across all wide range of political views, but he is libertarian. you have a libertarian candidate who's running as boiler. our you going to be able to overcome that? >> first of all, and the strongest pro liberty elected official statewide in virginia in my entire lifetime, whether fighting the federal government over of care or the epa or whether it is fighting on behalf of one person. i have been to court personally to give wrongfully convicted felons is underrated. am arguing in the case next month. whether on behalf of a single person or whether it is fighting the biggest threat to liberty in america from our own federal government, have been there. that is a mess is that we have driving hard, and it appeals way beyond just republicans and libertarians. a lot of independents and democrats appreciate someone who
7:28 pm
will stand up and fight. lou: attorney general. good to have you with this. >> eight days. i count election day. we have to work all the way through it. lou: wear them out. go get them. >> thanks. lou: thank you for being with us. come back. we are going to be taking just a quick commercial break. we will return in a hot one bed. stay with us. i'm sure it's just one minute. maybe too. it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets.
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and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ lou: if you months ago we asked viewers to suggest nicknames for president obama.
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one actually suggested know nothing obama. we thought that probably was not entirely appropriate, but it turns out it may actually stick if the president keeps it up. the newest and known for this president and his administration , will president obama according to is of an assertion officials did not know that the nsa was tapping the phones of german chancellor and other world leaders. did not know as saying. this and as a agency apparently went robe, a principal europe, but also asia. just last week house secretary kathleen sibelius' said the president does not know a thing, nothing about the problems with health care before the launch. he did not know either of the irs decision to target conservative groups. there is a countervailing and contradictory evidence to but we're not going sarah pretences
7:33 pm
tone to this broadcast. the president also did not know about any requests for more security in benghazi or, for that matter, it was a terrorist attack. he was -- he was absolutely, and i suspect for some time convince that it was about an anti muslim video on the edge and at. and the president knew nothing, had no knowledge of any kind about operation fast and furious, even at as attorney general does not know anything about operation fast and furious. it is remarkable. and his administration says the president knew nothing about the justice department's targeting of reporters. he also knew nothing about the chronic corruption scandal at the energy department and white house. and obviously he does not know that his administration offered the sequester budget cuts because today he, once again,
7:34 pm
blasted republicans during an unrelated event to swear in the new fbi director. he obviously knew nothing about sequester either. former clinton adviser and fox is political analyst joins us tonight. great to have you with this. good to have you with us. and pulitzer prize-winning journalist, fox is contributor, judy miller, great to have you with us. this is -- is this a known of the president? amin, the evidence is starting to mount. >> bring back secretary rumsfeld and these are the unknown unknowns. look, this man is either clueless or misleading s or there is the third possibility. it. lou: the first two were so attracted. >> fox business the plausible deniability. this. lou: which of these is possible to you? >> certainly did not want to know because he told the german
7:35 pm
chancellor that he didn't know anything about herself on being tapped, but the german press and by the way, says that is not true. he knew two years ago. it. lou: it is a heck of a note to get contradicted by the german press secretary. your reaction? >> sure would you rather have, the know nothing or take the bit because they know what they knew would be self incriminating iraq and think they have a sign of the-this is the buck stops of them are or ham, and the wave of me. lou: why haven't their relatives been able to focus on this? we are watching in each one of these instances still no answers. this stone wall, if you want to construct it as that, if i do, by this administration has been utterly complete. >> to simple answers. first, you would agree with me, the mainstream media has basically been an attack. is that as the tough questions.
7:36 pm
seconds, bluntly, the republicans are worse than obama. that is what he is counting on. he goes after them, but was down. so far that strategy has paid dividends. lou: worse than in what context? >> devices, polarizing, fewer solutions, study is done less so for the future. lou: of sorry. i am looking for ideas. obamacare was the big idea. mitch mcconnell. i promise you that i was anyone thinking of it. then again, i have been waiting so expectedly for three and a half years for obamacare to be here, and is. what is here is disaster. we are going to see why, because you introduce the idea. who would like to take up with this panel and therefore we will why the national liberal media seems to think that president obama, despite all of the severance knows more than george
7:37 pm
w. bush knew and why is and the national media laughing as it did at mr. bush, why not laugh at mr. obama? who will take that up with the panel on become my back. stay with us. ♪
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♪ lou: american billionaire oligarch causing some controversy after suggesting president obama should lob a nuclear missile into the iranian desert. a billionaire casino honor suggesting it would serve as a warning shot to force iran -- the disbandment of the iranian nuclear program. biggest trading just under a hundred billion dollars to gop candidates and committees in the 2012 cycle. they're starting to spread their money around now. i mean, that is the kind of thing that the country really needs, that foresight and the
7:41 pm
dog. we have enough right now trying to influence the body politic. what are your thoughts? >> he ought to stick to casinos and let other people know something about foreign policy or national security rate policy, except that president obama this does seem to be having any luck getting the iranians to scale back their nuclear program by there. >> what the majority of americans of feeling. so frustrated over the middle east. lou: i don't see that reflected in the polls. >> afghanistan. we keep having them in this area. >> i think the next person to run a war in the middle east is going to probably -- that might just be something that we create political consequence for in this country.
7:42 pm
lou: barack obama. by the way, is constrained in that regard, i think, is absolutely appropriate. >> i take you are not exactly comfortable with farming at the end game to the russians. >> no. the matter of fact, i think that the endgame is a fool's game. we have watch it for 60 years. it is time for this country and others, would point specifically to the europeans to start taking a different approach. we talk about real, real human lives will we talk to us in the air trips to the middle east. we are seeing an abject fools recommend long distance wars that are bloodless and then a significant impact from those cruise missiles. we have to start being far more adults in responsible in our foreign policy. this president's in most areas, i think of them as puerile an image or incomplete in his reasoning. i think in his aversion to
7:43 pm
conflict whether it be the middle east door ever, it is exactly to me exactly the right time to take part but the use of trusted terrorist? >> what about them? >> is as good or bad? >> when it works is very good. his effective it is good. only fools would deny the use of their superior to a galaxy to go after an enemy that has come for the best product of years spent thousands and perhaps tens of thousands of dollars in wasted -- attacking a superpower that has had to spend there hands upon billions, and chileans of dollars to create a countervailing force to terrorists throughout the world. >> interesting that you said a version. >> i learned a lot. >> i think it is diversion.
7:44 pm
he introduce a policy. blows up, and the immediately is try to distract from that. lou: on certain issues i would agree with you. for example, when obamacare blows of, the masters talking about immigration reform, education. and that brings up the next question, amnesty. comprehensive and immigration reform. i love the way they sell this. six and the people from the gop lobbying base descending upon washington to cajole the authorities into granting amnesty to illegal reverence. >> adding that the versions were before and will again. lou: al was -- what do you think? >> we have to do something to sell the immigration problem. lou: he sign-off with the national association, the zero
7:45 pm
cars. super. >> able to make a difference. thousands could have stopped it. you'll make sure we listen is it goes along with the administration for amnesty. lou: the establishment has nothing to do with the quality of life, standard of living for twenties on million americans who are out of work, unemployed, underemployed, and they don't see this same fervor and passion . >> i am against it because it is too draconian. >> i supported the house plan was incremental. >> you want to go beyond. >> not good enough for you. what is good enough? >> above the citizens of the
7:46 pm
does not involve 12 years, test and test. lou: we had about six. >> i would go for three to four. >> that is too quickly. many to make sure the ones that are in line right now did citizenship first. three to four years away takes years to get through this process. it is only fair. lou: how many people i know personally do have come through to emigrate to this country legally. it is in many instances taking seven to ten years. at the this is one of the most rank, arrogant, political initiatives i have ever seen. and it is "what is really preposterous it is altogether likely to work because the american people are resigned to this kind of. >> it is not a republican party with all due respect to the house bill offering a coherent alternative and consequently -- lou: that is absurd. >> you get exactly what is going on.
7:47 pm
>> voting democratic. i still want to verify. >> everyone has their price. lou: why do you want to rush through the proposition that center marco rubio, part of the game of late has reversed himself again as now opposing. >> the party intimidated them. >> to lilac intimidated? oh, please. lou: with that, republicans so intimidated. they keep. >> they cute. lou: up next, the brand new book, laying out the relationship between president bush and vice president cheney up in the much of what has become popular in search and illogical, well, parts of the spectrum.
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this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "juggle a bunch of rotating categories" card. it's not the "sign up for rewards each quarter" card. it's the no-games, no-messing-'round, no-earning-limit-having, do-i-look-like-i'm-joking, turbo-boosting, heavyweight-champion- of-the-world cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every damn day. now, tell me, what's in your wallet? ido more with less with buss energy.hp is help. every damn day. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
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and i finished it all, but i think i can say this with absolute assurance, what a terrific job of giving us an insight full look at two men who are too often painted in cardboard poses. so welcome to the broadcast. congratulations on the book. >> sent you very much. lou: i have to ask you, how did you write such a book? >> well, look, it was important to go back and look at this presidency and try to look at things we did not see at the time. what we discover when we look back. recovered things. 5%, to imprison him a 15%.
7:53 pm
it's a way of peeling back the onion a little bit. these the things that surprised us. it was not -- you know, their cartoonish version and a lot of people laugh. this book, trying to puncture some of the methodology, a fully realized three-dimensional view of what those are like. it recommends you highly. the president bush is a matter intelligence, considerable concern and on a scare for the country that caricature here were killed. doldrums' delta, our person comes up with there do. i just want to compliment you for doing so. that think -- i just think it is a terrific them a terrific read.
7:54 pm
and i love that the analysis that you do with the issue of the war itself. hal was -- if you will, give us your sense of how much she was used by the administration and how much was his own weakness and vanity to be at the center of the mall? >> very interesting. he obviously was camino, a square peg in a round hole in an administration and it is interesting visit were so closely in the first bill for is the pentagon. tell obviously had significant differences in the first term of the second administration. at one point that the secretary state urged him to resign saying they're just using you for cover for when they do things that
7:55 pm
might otherwise be seen as polarizing. he did not want to do that. he believed in being a good soldier when he tried to slow the march toward. i you going to be with me. so i think that was a starring moment for m, the presentation turn back to the flow of intelligence that did not pan out. but, you know, i think for all of these people, you mentioned is treating them as humans. their human beings a tragedy with the dow was the best. we can agree or disagree, but think that there were done without was the best thing for the country and we need to look back and why things happen and how they happen and we can judge from there. lou: journalists too often covering up the white house, covering politics in washington. have you been, the bush administration's contribution to sending and altering the events.
7:56 pm
and the role of the treasury secretary in moving full word. if he listened to some of these journalists, some of this administration's folks it would be that this was an idea that the president obama thought of just as he walked in the door back in 2009. it is really an amazing time in which the president thought president bush made a real difference. >> he did. both of those decisions are critical decisions to his presidency. he gives is the prevailing conventional wisdom, against all political, you know, logic to some extent, sending more troops was opposed at the time, not just by democrats, but a lot of republicans, secretary of state to revalue the great deal. the joint chiefs were very skeptical, and he decided it was a thing that he had to do anyway, very daring decision. similarly even the republicans
7:57 pm
in the house for very much against it. lou: he is the author of days of fire. we recommended to you. available on line in bookstores all of the world. thank you for being with us. >> think you for having me. lou: dennis tomorrow. and from the arc. ♪ at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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neil: we'll always told you that the big banks were no saints but the only sinners? >> bernie mad madoff. republican fundraiser, has done the math and examines what could be a grand old party pooper. >> a year ar sandy -- after sandy, only 5 billion spend. meet company that says that is stupid. it took matters in its own hand, and chose the right way to hadn't a hand. >> just a few weeks to mix this health care web

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